Clients of Disability Rights New Mexico (DRNM) may appeal decisions that affect their case. Persons applying for assistance from DRNM may appeal if they are turned down. This notice describes which decisions can be appealed, how to file an appeal, and how an appeal is decided.

What Decisions You Can Appeal

  • If you ask DRNM to help solve your problem, and the worker at DRNM decides that DRNM cannot take your case.
  • If your DRNM worker decides not to represent you in a formal hearing or a lawsuit on your behalf, if you have requested this.
  • If your DRNM worker decided to close your case.
  • If your DRNM worker discriminates against you on the basis of your age, sex, race, or similar characteristics.

If you have other disagreements, you should discuss them with your DRNM worker. You may want to talk with a DRNM supervisor. But only the kinds of decisions listed above may be appealed.


How to File an Appeal

To appeal a DRNM decision, you must write a letter to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DRNM. Your letter should describe the decision you are appealing and why you think it is wrong. Explain who made the decision, and when. You have to mail or deliver your letter in person within 30 days from when the decision was made. The address for DRNM is at the top of this form. You may request a “reasonable accommodation” to assist you with the grievance process by notifying the DRNM ADA coordinator.


How the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Decides an Appeal

The CEO will contact you to learn more about your disagreement. He will review your file (if any) and discuss your case with your DRNM worker or contact person. He may talk to other persons who might know about the decision you are appealing. He may ask you to meet with him and other DRNM staff. He will then decide whether the decision was consistent with the law, with agency policies and procedures, and sound professional judgment. You will usually get a written decision from the CEO within two weeks, unless special circumstances cause a delay.

If you disagree with the CEO’s decision, you may appeal to Grievance Committee of the DRNM Board of Directors. Information about this final appeal step will be included in the CEO’s decision.

This notice is a summary of the grievance process. A copy of the official DRNM Client Grievance Policy is available upon request.