Community Based Services


Disability Rights New Mexico – DRNM – is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, promote and expand the rights of persons with disabilities. We are the designated protection and advocacy program for New Mexico, and as such we have authority under federal law to pursue legal, administrative and other remedies on behalf of persons with disabilities. Listed below are some basic Community Based Resources for you when you find out you have a disability.

Social Security

SSI, SSDI- These are federal programs that can provide monthly income.


Choice of 4 Salud programs-These are state programs that can provide health insurance- Presbyterian, Lovelace, Molina, or Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Home and Community Based Medicaid Waivers

DD Waiver, CoLts “C” Waiver, AIDS Waiver, Medically Fragile Waiver, Mi Via Self-directed Waiver-These are Medicaid comprehensive programs that can help people to live in the community without going to a more institutional-like setting such as a nursing home.

Personal Care Attendant Programs

Self-directed and delegated. These programs can provide attendants to come into your home for a few hours a day depending on your budget and medical need.


HUD and Section 8 vouchers. These city and county programs can help you pay your monthly rent in  apartments and in some situations in houses.


Special Needs Trusts-Some trusts can help protect government benefits.

Food Stamps

Food Stamps – ISD Office-Government electronic cards can help you pay for your food monthly when you go to the grocery store.

Rehabilitation Programs

that are free-Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or DVR, the Independent Living Resource Center or ILRC, and Commission for the Blind- If you are disabled and need help getting an education, working on a career, or maintaining employment these agencies may be able to help. In addition, ILRC may be able to assist with a self-directed attendant service program, advocacy with school and community, transitioning from a nursing home to the community, applying for benefits, and/or getting assistance with home or vehicle modifications.

Ticket to Work Incentives

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or Work Force Solutions have information on getting supports if you are disabled to get back into the workforce.

Assistive Technology in New Mexico
Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Program

Service Coordination, Crisis Interim Services, Life Skills Coaching

Metro: 505-811-6401 ext. 1830, 1831

Northeast Region: 505-986-9633 or 1-800-645-3163

Northwest Region: 505-324-8660

Southeast Region: 505-525-1969

GAP Program

Home modifications, interim services and goods-generally for people with institution level of care need for moving out of nursing homes-1-866-451-2901

Programs to Help get home modifications

Independent Living Resource Center: 505-266-5022

Mental Health and Behavioral Programs in NM

Optum Health: 1-866-855-2881

Drug Benefit Programs

There are agencies that can provide cheaper or free medications to people in New Mexico.

MEDBANK: 1-800-432-2080